Barns Green’s War (last updated 6th December 2018)

In   early   2014   a   request   was   made   to   two   local   amateur   historians   to   see   if   they   could   add   some flesh   to   the   names   commemorated   on   the   War   Memorial   in   St   Nicholas   Church   in   Itchingfield,   West Sussex   with   a   view   to   putting   on   a   small   exhibition   at   a   Great   War   commemoration   to   be   held   later that year. The   challenge   was   accepted   but   as   information   started   to   surface   it   became   obvious   that   there   was a   story   to   be   told   not   only   about   the   men   who   fell   but   also   about   those   who   served   and   survived and about the impact that such a world shattering event had on a small rural Sussex community. With   help   from   the   National   Lottery   Heritage   fund   a   four   year   project   is   underway   to   provide   not only   a   series   of   exhibitions   to   map   the   impact   of   the   passage   of   the   Great   War   on   those   that   lived and   worked   in   the   villages   of   Barns   Green,   Itchingfield,   and   Christ’s   Hospital.,   but   also   to   provide   a more lasting legacy in the form of both a printed and  an electronic archive. The   intention   is   to   use   this   on-line   presence   to   keep   the   parish   up   to   date   with   the   progress   of   the project,   to   provide   a   record   of   events   as   they   take   place   and   to   record   our   findings   on   the   men   who served.
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BARNS GREEN A Local History of the Great War

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