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Arthur Bertram Clements (1885-1918) - Pte 4/2918 then 200797 1 st /4 th  Bn Royal Sussex Regiment The   Clements   family   lived   in   Itchingfield   from   about   1906   until   just   before   the   onset   of   war.   Arthur   Clements   Senior   and   his   wife   Mary (nee   Heasman)   had   seven   children   –   three   sons   and   four   daughters   –   and   all   but   one   were   still   living   at   home   in   Barns   Green   in   the   1911 census.   The   seventh,   Arthur   Bertram   Clements   also   known   as   Bertram,   was   working   as   a   gamekeeper   in   Haven,   nr.   Billingshurst   and lodging with the head keeper and his family. Sometime   shortly   after   this   the   family   moved   to   Cosham,   near   Portsmouth.   Eldest   son   Edward   George   Clements    was   certainly   with them   as   this   was   the   address   that   he   gave   on   his   attestation   papers   for   the   Royal   Field   Artillery   in   September   1914,   but   it   is   not   clear   if Arthur   Jnr.   went   with   them.   What   is   known   is   that   Arthur   signed   up   for   the   1 st /4 th    Royal   Sussex   Regiment   on   the   16 th    November   1914 and served with them in the Gallipoli, Egypt and Palestine campaigns. The   nominal   roll   of   men   who   landed   at   Suvla   Bay,   Gallipoli   on   the   8 th    August   1915   includes   Arthur   (and   another   Itchingfield   man   George   Phillips)   but   despite   the   huge   casualty   numbers   –   upwards   of   20,000   allies   dead   or   wounded   –   Arthur   survived   to   be   evacuated to Egypt in the December of that year. 1916   was   a   year   of   consolidation   and   defence   in   the   Palestinian   Campaign   but   in   1917,   as   part   of   the   3 rd    (Welsh)   Division,   the   1 st /4 th   Sussex   fought   at   the   First,   Second   and   Third   Battles   of   Gaza   and   were   involved   in   the   capture   of   Beersheba,   Tell   Khuweilfe,   and Jerusalem. 4 th  RSR in Palestine © IWM (Q12620) In   March   1918   they   fought   at   the   Battle   of   Tell'Asur   –   the   last   action   in   Palestine   for   the   Division   before   they   were   transferred   to   France in the summer of that year. Unfortunately   this   was   also   Arthur’s   last   battle   as   he   was   killed   in   action   on   the   24 th    March   1918   and   is   buried   in   Jerusalem   War Cemetery .    As   yet   no   other   memorials   recording   his   sacrifice   have   been   found.   For   his   service   he   was   awarded   the   1914/15   Star,   the Victory and British War Medals
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