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Sydney Kensett (1888-1916) - Pte SD/699 11 th  Bn Royal Sussex Regiment Sydney   Kensett ,   Henry’s   brother,   was   recorded   as   a   “poultry   man”   in   the   1911   census   and   served   with   the   11 th    Southdowns Battalion of the Royal Sussex Regiment as Pte SD/699. It   appears   that   Sydney   signed   up   in   Horsham   with   a   large   number   of   other   local   men   as   his   Army   Service   Number   falls   into   a   range heavily   populated   by   men   from   Horsham,   Crawley   and   Shipley.   Almost   all   of   these   joined   the   11 th    Royal   Sussex   and   many   were   to   give their lives. Although   Sydney’s   service   record   has   not   survived,   one   that   has   is   that   of   Edward   Phillip   Kenzie   from   Plaistow,   who   carries   the   number SD/697   –   just   two   away   from   Sydney   –   and   also   served   with   the   11 th    RSR.   It   is   a   pretty   safe   assumption   that   these   men   would   have enlisted   and   served   together   which   puts   their   enlistment   date   as   September   1914   and   them   landing   in   France   with   the   BEF   in   March 1916. The   photograph   above   is   of   D   Company   of   the   11 th    in   1916   prior   to   embarkation   for   France.   Sydney   is   in   the   fourth   row   from   the   top, fifth from the left. The   11 th    fought   at   the   infamous   Battle   of   Boar’s   Head   at   Richebourg      on   June   30 th    1916   and   it   was   only   D   Company   that   was   involved   in this   so   Sydney   was   lucky   to   survive.   He   was   not   so   fortunate   just   a   couple   of   months   later   when,   in   action   at   Beaumont   Hamel   at   the beginning of September, he lost his life. For   the   3 rd    September   1916   the   War   Diary   records   an   attack   by   the   11 th    on   the   German   trenches.   In   an   abortive   attack   five   Other   Ranks were killed and Sydney was one of them. Tragically   two   of   the   four   other   men   killed   were   Edgar   and   Thomas   Heasman   –   brothers   from   Shipley.   These   men   carried   the   numbers SD/689 and SD/687. Most likely Sydney signed up with them and knew them from his time in Shipley. Sydney has no known grave but is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial and on the Southwater War Memorial. For his sacrifice he was awarded the Victory and British War Medals.
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