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Before   the   outbreak   of   the   war,   the   Horticultural   show   was   one   of   the   key   social   events   of   the   year.   During   the   war   years,   local   people   were   still desperately   clinging   to   anything   which   gave   some   sense   of   normality   to   daily   life   and   despite   the   huge   number   of   men   away   from   the   village,   the shows   continued   to   be   held,   but   as   a   low-key   affair   held   in   the   Village   Hall,   and   with   a   distinctly   patriotic   undertone.   The   event   was   reported   in   the West Sussex County Times. VEGETABLES AND FRUIT AT ITCHINGFIELD DESERVING OBJECTS An   admirable   and   compact   exhibition   of   fruit,   vegetables   &c.,   was   held   at   the   Village   Hall,   Itchingfield   (by   kind   permission   of   Mr   P.S.   Godman J.P.)   on   Wednesday,   and   served   a   double   purpose,   first,   to   encourage   every   householder   to   cultivate   to   the   utmost   every   bit   of   ground,   and secondly,   to   provide   vegetables   for   the   fleet   and   various   products   for   wounded   soldiers   and   sailors.   .   .   .   Beside   the   competitive   exhibits,   which were   excellent   in   quality,   there   were   splendid   non-competitive   exhibits   sent   in   as   follows   :-   Collections   of   vegetables   –   Mr   H.G.   Latilla   of Marlands,   Mrs   Allcard   of   Wimblehurst   Horsham,   Mr   P.S.   Godman   J.P   of   Hampsteel,   Cowfold,   the   Rector   (Rev   A   G   deRougemont   M.A.),   Mr Hallett and Mrs Upcott: eggs – Mr F A White J.P: apples – Mrs J Whitham. Mr   T   Sparkes,   gardener   to   Mrs   Allcard,   Wimblehurst,   judged   the   gardens,   fruit   and   vegetable;   and   Mrs   White   the   eggs   and   cakes.   There   were   a number   of   visitors   and   in   the   course   of   the   afternoon   Mr   White,   in   a   few   apposite   remarks,   took   the   opportunity   of   impressing   upon   the cottagers   the   need   for   utilising   all   the   spare   ground   possible   for   the   production   of   vegetables.   He   emphasised   the   value   of   a   great   supply   of fresh   vegetables   for   our   naval   heroes   and   pointed   out   that   too   much   could   not   possibly   be   done   for   the   wounded.   The   exhibition   was   open from   three   to   seven   o’clock.   It   was   the   first   of   its   kind,   and   will   no   doubt   be   an   annual   event,   to   be   known   as   “the   Itchingfield   and   District exhibition   of   fruit   and   vegetable.”   All   vegetables   were   subsequently   sent   into   Horsham   to   be   despatched   to   the   Fleet   through   Mr   W   H   Corbett’s agency; and the fruit, eggs and cakes were sent to the Westminster Hospital for the wounded. WEST SUSSEX COUNTY TIMES September 1916
The Horticultural Show