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Henry James Kensett (1883-1917) - Pte SPTS/5388 13 th  Bn Royal Fusiliers Henry James Kensett , brother of Sidney and a gamekeeper by trade, signed up for the 13 th  Bn Royal Fusiliers as Pte SPTS/5388. The   13 th    (Service)   Battalion   of   the   Royal   Fusiliers   had   been   f ormed   at   Hounslow   on   13 th    September   1914   as   part   of   K3   (Kitchener’’s   3 rd   Army)   and   attached   as   Army   Troops   to   24 th    Division.   The   Battalion   actually   landed   at   Boulogne   on   30 th    July   1915   but   as   the   Medal   Rolls have   no   record   of   a   1914/15   Star,   it   is   not   likely   that   Henry   saw   service   abroad   until   at   least   the   beginning   of   1916.   1915   also   saw Henry’s marriage to Charlotte Overall in Croydon. The   13 th    Bn   RF   were   part   of   111 th    Brigade   of   37 th    Division   and   were   on   the   Somme   for   Oct/Nov   1916,   specifically   at   the   Battles   of   the Ancre   Heights   (1 st    Oct   -   11 th    Nov)   and   the   Battle   of   the   Ancre   (13 th    -19 th    Nov).   There   are   accounts   which   show   that   some   of   111 th   Brigade’s   battalions   were   loaned   out   to   other   formations,   so   Henry   might   not   have   been   in   all   of   37 th    Division's   activities   but   would have certainly been involved in some. What   we   do   know   is   that   he   was   with   his   Battalion   at   the   beginning   of   April   1917.   From   the   War   Diaries   we   know   that   on   the   9 th    April 1917   the   Battalion   was   in   the   second   line   of   troops   sent   to   attack   north   of   the   Arras-Cambrai   Road.      It   subsequently   suffered   heavy losses   from   shell   and   shot   when   advancing   on   Monchy   and   by   7.40pm   on   the   10 th    only   three   junior   Officers   plus   the   CO   and   his Adjutant were left.  10 Other Ranks also died and Henry was one of them. A total of 19 OR were killed over three days of fighting and they are all buried at Monchy. Henry   was   awarded   the   Victory   and   British   War   Medals   for   his   sacrifice   and   is   remembered   on   the   War   Memorial   in   Forest   Row   (where his wife was living) as well as at Orange Trench Cemetery, Monchy le Preux. 13 th  Royal Fusiliers celebrating a victory © IWM (Q 777)  
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