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Percy Knight Dennett (1881-1917) - Pte G/41294 2 nd  Bn Royal Fusiliers.    Percy   Dennett,   eldest   son   of   Maria   Dennet,   and   first   cousin   to   William   (overleaf),   married   Mary   Anne   Randall   in   1905   and   they   had 2   children,   Edith   May   (born   1907)   and   Annie   (born   1909).   Percy   worked   as   a   farm   labourer   and   the   family   lived   at   2   Jessamine   Terrace in Barns Green. At   the   outbreak   of   war   Percy   did   not   enlist   immediately   but   he   was   called   up   in   early   1916   and   duly   presented   himself   at   the   Drill   Hall Horsham   to   enlist.   He   attested   and   was   posted    to   the   2 nd    Battalion   Royal   Fusiliers   as   Private   G/41294.   He   was   an   able   soldier   and   was promoted   to   Lance   Corporal,   a   rank   at   which   he   would   have   been   in   charge   of   a   Section   of   up   to   15   men.   After   basic   training   Percy   was sent to France where training would have continued before he was sent to join the Battalion. Percy   arrived   in   France   on   the   15 th    September   1916   as   part   of   the   4 th Battalion   but   was   transferred   back   to   the   2 nd ,   and   we   can   assume posted into active service, just two weeks later on the 29 th . By   February   1917   the   Royal   Fusiliers   were   on   the   front   line   on   the   Somme   near   Combles.      On   28 th    February   they   were   ordered   to   attack the   German   positions   in   the   Sailly   Sector.   The   attack   did   not   advance   the   British   positions   and   on   2 nd    March   the   Battalion   was   relieved in the front line and returned to rest billets near Albert. Around   this   time   Percy   was   shot   in   the   shoulder   and   chest,   was   badly   wounded   and   was   evacuated   from   the   front   line   positions   to   the London Casualty Clearing Station south of Albert, near the town of Meaulte. On   3 rd    March   1917   Percy   died   at   the   2/2   London   Casualty   Clearing   Station   and   was   buried   in   the   nearby   cemetery,   in   an   area   known   to the troops as Grove Town. This became the current CWGC cemetery which bears the same name. He   is   commemorated   on   the   War   Memorial   in   St   Nicholas   Church,   Itchingfield    and   was   awarded   the   Victory   and   British   War   Medals   for his service. .
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