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The   war   was   expensive.   Feeding   and   clothing   millions   of   servicemen,   a   massive   increase   in   the   production   of   weapons   and   ammunition   for   them, and   the   constantly   growing   infrastructure   being   built   to   support   the   trench   warfare,   was   costing   the   Government   huge   sums   of   money.   Despite   all the   local   activity   knitting   socks,   making   shirts,   collecting   eggs   and   making   jam,   what   the   Government   needed   above   all   was   money,   so   a   new National Savings Scheme was started and War Savings Associations were formed in parishes across the land. A   meeting   of   residents   was   held.   .   .   to   discuss   plans   for   the   formation   of   a   War   Savings   Association.   It   was   decided   that   such   an   association   be started,    entitled    “The    Itchingfield    and    District    War    Savings    Association”    .    .    .    Monday    Aug    14 th     was    fixed    as    the    first    day    for    making contributions, from 6.30 to 7p.m., at the Village Hall Barns Green, and each Monday from that date. . ITCHINGFIELD PARISH MAGAZINE   ITCHINGFIELD   AND   DISTRICT   WAR   SAVINGS   ASSOCIATION   -   It   was   resolved   no   amounts   less   than   sixpence   should   be   received.   .   .   .Subscriptions to commence Monday 11 th  Sept . . .and on every subsequent Monday at Village Hall Barns Green . . . .6.30 - 7 p.m. . ITCHINGFIELD PARISH MAGAZINE And   it   was   not   just   civilians   at   home   who   were   encouraged   to   save,   but   servicemen   themselves.   Eneas   Miles   of   Valewood   had   enlisted   in   August 1915,   despite   being   47   years   old   and   well   over   the   maximum   age   limit   for   military   service   and   like   many   men,   Eneas   chose   to   invest   some   of   his army pay into War Savings, and his surviving service record includes his Savings Certificate. Images   below   –   Eneas   Miles’   War   Savings   Certificate   from   his   service   records   (image   courtesy   of   TNA)   and   a   War   Savings   Association   Membership Card – the swastika symbol used on the card was (and still is) a symbol of good luck, it was only during WW2 that it became associated with facism.
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