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Barns Green in  World War 2
David Francis’ War David Francis, village stalwart and avid local historian, compiled these memories of life in Barns Green during the war years, the Barns Green Home Guard and his own WW2 service as a radio operator in the RAF between 1942 and 1945. David wrote regularly for various local parish magazines right up until his death in 2006. Many of these items have been published as “Barns Green A Personal History’ (ISBN 0-9550305-1-X).
The Lost of WW2 Our main website primarily seeks to remember the impact of the Great War on Barns Green but the memorial in St Nicolas Church also carries the name of 19 servicemen and women lost in the Second World War. These are their stories
During the course of our research various pieces of information have come to light which provide insights into life in the  parish during the years of the Second World War.  Although not strictly part of this project, the links below will take you to some of this information. More will be added as  time permits..
The Barns Green’s War project has also published a number of hard copy books. For further information on these either click here or on the “Bookshop” button on the top left of this page.